ICIS (Interactive Collaborative Information Systems) is one of nine ICT research projects funded by the BSIK program (SenterNovem, grant number BSIK03024) of the Dutch government.

The aim of ICIS is to develop better techniques for making complex information systems more intelligent and supportive in decision making situations. The ICIS project combines information technology research and development with research in the human sciences and integrates the resulting knowledge and insights. Although the research results are generally applicable, ICIS focuses on two key applications domains: traffic management and crisis response.

ICIS started in the fall of 2003 and will complete in 2010. The ICIS project is hosted by the D-CIS Lab, the open research partnership of Thales Nederland, the Delft University of Technology, the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Foundation of Applied Scientific research (TNO). The ICIS consortium involves leading IT-driven industries, academic research institutions, technology institutes and high-tech SMEs.

This website gives an overview of the project's objectives, the project organization, the subprojects of ICIS, the scientific output and the main dissemination events. The website's target audience includes government organizations, universities and industrial research institutes. Information for a broader public can be found at the www.icis.nu, the project's Dutch popular science site.

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